The staple pieces of the wardrobe

The staple pieces of the wardrobe
26 October, 2020

The rule of 5

Every woman sooner or later in her life starts questioning herself how to put together the staple

pieces of the wardrobe while trying to figure out what pieces of clothing are considered to be

essential in the first place.

Let’s discuss this subject but perhaps, without taking into account the

latest fashion trends, colours or indeed season - as we will discuss this in detail next time.

An essential wardrobe should be based on many aspects that are built around you, such as your

lifestyle, occupation and your interests yet, where do you start from?

What are the basic building

blocks of a well-rounded closet that can bring sophistication to your wardrobe? To answer this, we

further suggest to follow a principle of the rule of 5 items.

The rule of 5 is an absolutely universal formula that fits anyone regardless of their age, type of body

shape and the nature of occupation. The rule of 5 consists of five must have wardrobe items

including jeans or trousers that flatter your body shape, a shirt, a classic shirt, a jumper and a blazer.

Now, let's talk in more detail about each of the item of clothing.

  • When choosing a pair of jeans or trousers it is important to consider a versatile style with calm colours that will serve as a great base

for any look of your choice. It is also helpful to go for trousers or jeans that have a laconic cut and

the ability to accentuate your body shape. You don’t have to choose tight trousers or skinny jeans in

order to emphasise your figure. By picking a cut with a well-defined waist could help to hide any

possible flaws of the figure, draw attention to its best features and highlight your curves in the right

places. We will further discuss different styles of trousers in this article.

  • When selecting a t-shirt, consider choosing a plain white t-shirt with some short phrase or a small

print/logo on it whilst avoiding, if possible, any bright patterns, prints or flashy colours. On our

website you can view a selection of tees within similar design concept.

  • A classic shirt is a true style staple and an absolutely must have item in every well-dressed woman’s

wardrobe. It's the ultimate timeless classic to have in one's arsenal as there are many ways this piece

can be rendered to express your particular style. One of the key things to remember when looking

for the perfect shirt is to pay attention on the type of fabric the item is made of. The best quality

shirt ideally is made of silk or cotton but with the addition of silk. It has the classic collar, long sleeves

and small buttons. You will find an exclusive range of shirts for women in our collection. Including

shirt dresses that you can style as a cardigan or wear them with either jeans or trousers of your


  • A good jumper is the ultimate all-seasons staple that can turn your life in an exquisite experience of

comfort and cosiness. Wool or cotton jumper can be worn with trousers and dresses either during

warm summer evenings as well as cold winter months adding style and an extra layer of warmth.

There are plenty of possibilities with the knitwear trend. You can layer up a jumper with a shirt or a t

shirt to create a comfortable look that reflects your style.

  • It is almost impossible to imagine a modern-day woman who doesn’t have a contemporary blazer in

her wardrobe. Jacket or a blazer is a true workhorse in any wardrobe, a great outerwear substitute

and in no time a great blazer can have you preened and presentable on your way to work. A smart

jacket can be an excellent choice for any evening occasion. However, following the rule of 5 items,

we suggest to go for an elongated classic style jacket with a loose fitting which actually is so bang on

trend this present time.

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